Haiti: The Oligarchy Is A Roadblock To Diaspora Investing In Haiti

As long as the economy finances the politics and remains in the hands of a strategically small few entrepreneurs and businessmen, the diaspora will always be kept away from Haiti’s grand intellectual and development plan. The diaspora must have a plan of reckoning to remove the hold the oligarchy has on Haitian elections and ultimately on the government. 

The Haitian oligarchy: Is it composed of entrepreneur-demons and businessmen-vampires who are promoting the misery of the people as a tool to trigger political instability to maintain their monopoly? 

Observable and statistical history reveals that the oligarchy does not pick candidates, but it funds the campaigns of multiple candidates at all levels to be the boss of those who win. The oligarchy is neither on the left nor on the right, but it supports protests for and/or against the government to protect the interests of its small, yet tight network of members.

They simultaneously sponsor gangs, police, opposition, and governments. They are instantaneously allies and enemies. They are neither loyal nor traitors, but they strengthen their bases and remove their support if ever those they propel to prominence do not comply with their demands.


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