Bahamas: Supreme Court orders Labour minister to answer questions on Shantytown Action Task Force

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Supreme Court Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson has ordered Minister of Labour Dion Foulkes to answer a series of questions in connection with a judicial review on the government’s shantytown eradication program.

Grant-Thompson permitted interrogatories requested by attorneys representing 177 shantytown residents.

Foulkes, who served as chairman of the Shantytown Action Task Force, provides the principal evidence in response to the leave to apply for judicial review, and both interlocutory and constitutional relief.

In a ruling on the matter on September 21, Grant-Thompson noted that some of the answers to the requested interrogatory questions will assist the court in determining the substantive issue before the court.

Foulkes has been ordered to state whether the government or anyone with its authority has taken a decision to take possession of the shantytown land; state whether the government has disconnected any utilities connected to the land, and indicate whether it is the substance of any government policy to eradicate shantytowns in The Bahamas.


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