Suriname: Digicel Suriname adjusts prices for products and services

Digicel Suriname will adjust the prices of products and services. Deonarine Gopaul, the CEO of Digicel Suriname NV, communicates this to the customers in an announcement. Digicel indicates that this adjustment is taking place on the basis of the announcement by the government and the exchange rate adjustment of the US Dollar by the Central Bank of Suriname from SRD 7.52 to SRD 14.29 for the sale rate.

Digicel argues that the changes are a necessary consequence of the increased cost of doing business and will take effect within a week. “We remain committed to providing our customers with a quality service and always finding new and innovative ways to add value to the customer experience we provide,” the telecommunications company said.

The company’s management immediately adds that they greatly value the business and loyalty of customers during this time of change. With the exchange rate unification, it is expected that different companies will adjust their prices.


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