Suriname: Moengonese take action: “East-west connection barricaded”

Protests were held in Moengo on Monday for the preservation of the former staff village of the Suralco. The protest actions took place under the leadership of the Moengo Preservation Moengo Staff Village Interest Group. David Djendje, one of the initiators of this action, also a local councilor of the Marowijne district, indicates that the actions can be called successful.

The main goal was to get the attention of the government and that has happened, he says in conversation with Suriname Herald.

Djendje says that people from various political parties were present in the crowd. Also members of various social organizations such as Marcel Pinas’ Kibii Foundation. The action started at the “Clockhouse” near the district commissioner. There was also the gathering place. Then the activists moved to the Moengo staff village. There was protests there for a while.

Among other things, the crowd stood in front of the house where the former district commissioner (DC) of Marowijne-Southwest, Kenya Pansa, had taken up residence. Meanwhile, the house is empty. Djendje indicates that according to the list of land issues in Moengo staff village, the house of the Pansa is now in the hands of a company. This while the new DC in fact has to take up residence in this house. After protesting for a while in the Moengo staff village, the activists moved to the East West Link, which was barricaded by them. This resulted in government attention.


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