Jamaica: Online Lessons Could Affect Delivery Of Practical Subjects – Teachers Fine-Tuning Grading Scheme For At-Home Tests

With the 2020-2021 academic year set to officially get under way soon, questions are being raised about the feasibility of teaching all classes remotely and the rubric to maintain consistent criteria for grading students at home.

During a Gleaner Editors’ Forum last week, Lynton Weir, president of the Association of Principals and Vice-Principals, admitted that he was concerned about the delivery of practical courses, especially, those that would normally be delivered in controlled environments under the keen supervision of teachers.

“I’m very concerned about those practical courses. For example, the woodwork, the metalwork, electrical installation, food and nutrition,” he said during the virtual forum on Thursday.

While he does not believe face-to-face classes should be resumed on October 5, Weir, who is the principal of Old Harbour High in St Catherine, said that an exception may have to be made for students preparing to sit practical subjects in external examinations at the end of the school year because at some point, they need to lay hands on the tools.


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