Dominica: 25-year-old charged with murder of double amputee

A 25-year-old from the community of Checkhall Valley, Massacre, has been charged with for the murder of  Glensworth Frank.

Aljai Liverpool appeared before Magistrate Michael Laudat yesterday (September 21, 2020) where the charge was read to him.

According to the Police report, the lifeless body of Frank was found in a drain near the Canefield East Bus Stop on September 17, 2020, with several lacerations to the forehead.

Frank, who was a double amputee and wheelchair bound, was frequently seen under the Canefield cliff.

Since the matter is an indictable offense, and is expected to be heard before a Judge and jury, Liverpool was not required to enter a plea.

The accused, who is unrepresented, is now remanded at the Dominica State Prison awaiting the start of a preliminary inquiry to determine if there is enough evidence in the case for trial at the High Court.


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