90% Of Americans Demand New Stimulus; Blame Dems, Republicans Equally

With Washington in a state of flux following the death of RBG, which has reset all ongoing political negotiations as well as the calculus on everything from the elections to a new stimulus bill now that the vacant SCOTUS seat is the key item in US politics, uncertainty over the political agenda has never been higher. At the same time, despite the recent market downdraft, stocks are not nearly low enough to prompt a policy response from Washington which however is cold comfort for Main Street where anger continues to grow over the continued gridlock in Congress and according to a new poll, almost 90% now say Washington needs to pass a new stimulus package to mitigate the covid fallout.

According to the FT, which conducted the poll, the growing concern about the economy comes even as Americans increasingly believe the country has turned the corner after the spike of infections this summer in the latest good news for Trump, following the earlier report that Mitt Romney would vote for Trump’s SCOTUS candidate, thereby ensuring that a conservative justice replaces RBG much to the horror of liberals.

The survey for the FT and the Peterson Foundation found that more than 60% of Americans believe the outbreak is either staying the same or getting better in their local communities, the most optimistic outlook since the summer outbreak began.


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