Suriname: Leo Brunswijk new chairman of the board of EBS

Leo Brunswijk was appointed chairman of the Supervisory Board of NV Energiebedrijven Suriname (EBS) today during a general meeting of shareholders (AGM). The Supervisory Board (SB) was installed by Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, in the presence of Minister David Abiamofo of Natural Resources.

After the installation, Minister Abiamofo indicated that he had many expectations of this council, which is now complete. He indicated that the chairman of the previously appointed council, Andy, had thanked Russia and Viren Ajodhia at their own request.

According to the minister, the EBS is an important partner in the country when it comes to energy generation. The state pumps SRD 1.25 billion in subsidies into the EBS per year. According to him, the government intends to phase out the subsidies. However, this will be further elaborated. According to him, there is still a lot to do within this state-owned company. There are different models when it comes to the generation of renewable energy.

Commissioner Commissioner Brunswijk says he is pleased with the confidence placed in him. To be able to work, Brunswijk has exchanged Dutch nationality for Surinamese nationality.


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