Jamaica: Floodwaters Gobbled Her Yard; The House Could Be Next

When floodwaters inundated Juliet Clarke’s home in east rural St Andrew last month, they swallowed a chunk of the backyard, her livelihood, and her peace of mind.

The Lower Halls Delight resident said that heavy rains on August 18 flooded the lower half of her two-storey house, cracked her stairs, damaged her husband’s car, and terrified her household, which includes five children.

“Water literally ran through downstairs of the house; that is something that I’ve never seen in all of my life,” she said, moments after showing the Gleaner team massive infrastructural damage to her land.

A culvert is located towards the back of the property she has occupied for the last 18 years. With not many options available for water to drain from the roadway, Clarke has to watch helplessly whenever it rains, knowing that the water is going to claim more of her yard.


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