Nevis: Everything Rodney Elliott does shows off her patriotism, love for independence

Rodney Elliott of Cane Garden is not afraid to show her patriotism, over the years she has become a fixture at the Independence Day parade in Nevis with eye-popping versions of the national flag-inspired outfits, and this year not even the COVID-19 pandemic can dampen her spirit.

The owner of a restaurant at Stoney Grove called Rodney’s Cuisine, says her love for country transcends there as well. This year in the absence of the parade on September 19, she has decided to showcase some of her clothing worn over the years. She said she was doing so for her love of country and the joy independence brings to her.

“I’m a very patriotic person and I believe in myself and my country… I look for every aspect of anything that comes in,” said Ms. Elliott. “Some of my dishes are from the flag. Everything I use [involves] the flag…[Independence time] reminds me of slavery. It reminds me of our culture. It reminds me of our heritage. It reminds me of so many things, and it gives me a good feeling this time of year.

“It’s like a proud moment for me. I just love it! Yes, I just love independence, so I go out of the way to just do my decorations, everything. If you look at my car, it’s the same. If you go into my house, it’s the same. I even have a bedspread made from it!” she said.


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