Jamaica: Digital Technology Gives Red Stripe Major Push Amid COVID-19

With the need to adapt quickly to new operational norms brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Jamaican manufacturer Red Stripe says building digital capacity over time has helped the company to pivot faster and craft a crisis-resilient business strategy.

Severe disruptions to global supply chains have thrown whole industries off kilter, with many organisations struggling to balance the health and social well-being of their workforce with the growing need for operational efficiency.

According to Red Stripe’s manager for total productivity management, Jerome McGregor, digital technology has been a key element of the company’s success.

“A huge part of the reason we were able to so easily integrate COVID-19 health protocols was because we already took steps to establish a dynamic operational framework. Over the past few years we have invested in digital technology solutions that are extremely compatible with the emerging culture of the low-touch economy. Through extensive training programmes, and a reward and recognition system, our employees have been exposed to a new way of thinking that integrates them into this innovative workflow process. At the heart of this approach was the One2Improve app implemented by the organisation,” noted McGregor


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