Jamaica: Businesses Pivoting To Ride Out COVID Wave – Small Operators Want Curfew At Peak Sales Hours Revised

Quality customer service is proving vital to business continuity and pivoting for large and small entities hoping to stay afloat and survive in an environment where their original business models are not fully sustainable. While some have been able to transition seamlessly, others are still struggling under the added pressure of COVID-19 containment measures, including the nightly curfews.

Francine Lewis, president of the Jamaica Customer Service Association, told The Gleaner that the migration to remote services for several business has not negatively affected customer-service quality as many have managed to open avenues such as delivery to serve clients.

She, however, admitted that the elderly could be disenfranchised to some extent by the digital transition but noted that most companies have implemented measures to better serve them on location.

Though no studies have been conducted, Jamaica Employers’ Federation (JEF) President David Wan said that anecdotally, the customer-service experience has been mixed.


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