Grenada: NatRefs Seen as Key to Reducing Emissions in Grenada

Natural refrigerants – in particular, propane (R290) – are key to reducing Grenada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as part of its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris agreement, according to a new report.

The report –   the “Greenhouse Gas Inventory of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sector in Grenada”  – was published in June by German development agency GIZ Proklima. It contains the first detailed estimate of Grenada’s current and projected Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) emissions, broken down by sector.

Grenada, an island country in the Caribbean Sea, ratified the Kigali amendment to the Montreal protocol in 2018, and is already “moving to significantly reduce the consumption and production of HFCs by 2050,” according to Now Grenada, a Grenadian newspaper.

Grenada’s adoption of R290 and its investment in R290 technician training are considered instrumental to its meeting its climate goals.


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