Futures Slide After Fed “Not-Dovish-Enough”, Tech Tumbles On Reflation Rotation Fears

It all started just before 3pm on Wednesday, when during his press conference, Fed chair Jerome Powell said that “more fiscal support is likely to be needed”, sparking concerns that the Fed’s monetary toolkit is running dry and that the next move will be a massive $1.5+ trillion fiscal injection from Congress (not surprisingly, Trump also flipped yesterday and advised Senate republicans to agree with Democrat demands for “much higher numbers.” It also launched a cascade of complaints that the Fed was “not dovish enough” (just as we warned would happen), and as JPM said “there may be increasing calls for the Fed to do more” as the stocks are now habituated to a Fed that constantly caters to their every whim.

What happened next was that stocks, which had just hit session highs just before Powell’s statement, tumbled led by tech names on fears a “growth to value” reflation rotation was imminent should Congress kickstart inflation. Emini futures continued to selloff all night, and dropped as much as 100 points sliding as low as 3,310 before rebounding modestly once Europe reopened.


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