Trinidad & Tobago: MSJ tells Gov’t: Don’t stop School Feeding Programme

The Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) is calling on the Government to continue the School Feeding Programme despite distanced learning which has been implemented to stem the spread of COVID-19.

In a statement, the MSJ said it did not believe the Government should stop the initiative.

“We make this call following a media report yesterday through which the public was informed that the Government is considering the use of food cards to replace the School Feeding Programme.Stopping the School Feeding Programme is wrong!”

According to the political party, the stoppage of the School Feeding Programme will have a ripple effect throughout various sectors of the country.

“The value chain from the farmers who produce the food that goes into the meals, to the small businesses who are contracted to do the catering and the workers employed in the food preparation have been adversely affected by the shutting down of the school feeding programme from March. A decision to discontinue the programme for this school term will hit these persons very hard.”


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