Suriname: Elderly party Diemen: “Has Mrs. Santokhi actually gone into quarantine?

The Elderly Party Diemen wonders whether first lady Mellisa Santokhi was quarantined upon her arrival in the Netherlands. The group of the Elderly Party Diemen has asked urgent questions about this to Mayor Erik Boog of the municipality of Diemen, says party leader Peter Prins.

The party states that first lady Santokhi paid an informal working visit to Diemen on 15 September. According to the Elderly Party Diemen, the Surinamese press indicates that she left for the Netherlands on Saturday 12 September by KLM flight. The regulations of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for travelers from Suriname are that they must be quarantined for ten days after arrival in the Netherlands.

“It seems as if this visit has been organized in haste. This visit is not announced in the college’s weekly activity overview. This overview also states: All activities of the Mayor and Aldermen are subject to further measures and guidelines as a result of the corona crisis, ”the party writes to Mayor Boog.

Yesterday evening, the director of the Municipal Health Service stated that someone who walks outside during quarantine will be reprimanded that he or she has to spend the quarantine inside, says the Elderly Party in Diemen.


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