Chinese Tech Firm Caught In Cambridge Analytica Style Data Collection Of US Military & World Leaders

A Chinese tech company with links to the PLA military has been accused of maintaining a database intent on collecting as much data as possible on millions of people around the world, especially high profile foreign military and civilian leaders.

“About 2.4 million people are included in the database, assembled mostly based on public open-source data such as social media profiles, analysts said,” according to a reporting this week in The Guardian and others. “It was compiled by Zhenhua Data, based in the south-eastern Chinese city of Shenzhen.”

The American who exposed the database, an academic named Christopher Balding, has had to flee China after the contents of part of the database were leaked to him. He was shocked by the “staggering” amount data after he reviewed some of the Zhenhua Data files, including data sets on a quarter-million people which had detailed info on over 50,000 Americans, and nearly an equal amount of Britons and Australians. So many Indians are also said to have been monitored that the story has set of a firestorm in India’s national media.


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