4 things extroverts can learn from introverts to lead through the pandemic

When Bombas CEO Dave Heath walks into a room, he commands attention and authority. With a deeply empathetic and engaging presence, he makes you feel strangely relaxed and energized at the same time. 

The only problem right now for Dave and other extroverted leaders like him is that during this global pandemic, there are no physical rooms to be walking into. With most companies putting off coming back into the office until early 2021 at the earliest, and others like Twitter saying employees can work remotely forever, leaders who became reliant pre-COVID on their charisma to influence and inspire their employees are having to retool and rethink their leadership style. 

Through our work leading one of Silicon Valley’s top Executive Coaching firms, we have had our share of introverted clients who sought to learn to “sparkle” like their more extroverted colleagues. Yet, faced with the prospect of many more months (and potentially years) of remote work, it is now the more extroverted leaders who are seeking to redefine what it means for them to lead in this new reality. 


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