Suriname: ASFA not happy with President Santokhi’s announcement

The chairman of the Association of Surinamese Manufacturers (ASFA), Wilgo Bilkerdijk, is not happy with the announcement that President Chan Santokhi made yesterday. During the installation of the Social Economic Council (SER), the head of state said that the government within the SER will give a place to the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Suriname (Akmos) and the Chamber of Commerce and Factories (KKF).

In conversation with Suriname Herald, Bilkerdijk says that the ASFA has no problems with the admission of these two organizations within the SER. The ASFA will then go to the point of demanding another seat within the SER, says Bilkerdijk.

The legislation will eventually have to be amended because both the KKF and Akmos do not belong in the SER. According to him, the Akmos does not have the representativeness to take a seat in this body. He adds that the ASFA does not want to be disrespectful to the Akmos.

What is being asked is that the ASFA be given a second seat within this body. With regard to the KKF, Bilkerdijk stated that there is not necessarily a place for the trade register. The trade register is a public body that is a labor force of the government. If the government wants to grant a place to the KKF, that is not a problem, but as a government body.


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