Barbados: New approach for possession of small quantities of marijuana to be implemented

The Mia Mottley Administration to amend the country’s Drug Abuse (Prevention and Control) Act to provide that “possession of 14 grammes, or half an ounce or less of cannabis is no longer an offence for which one can be arrested, charged and tried; and will therefore not result in an appearance before the Magistrates’ Court or in a criminal record.”

“The possession will still be unlawful, and will still be punished, but there will be a new approach to how we treat the offender, which is already being used successfully in Jamaica and St Vincent,” Governor General Dame Sandra Mason revealed as she delivered the Throne Speech, at the opening at the new session of Parliament at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre this morning.

Such an issue the Governor General said requires “compassion, understanding, empathy and the intervention of my Government, is the conviction and incarceration of scores of young men and some women, causing them to lose their jobs, reputation, opportunity to travel, and to become stigmatised over miniscule quantities of marijuana that on the street would be called ‘a roach’ or ‘a spliff’. Pursuing these matters is a waste of police and court time.


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