Suriname: SIVIS is placed under magnifying glass

The activities of the Training Institute for the Trade Union Movement in Suriname (SIVIS) are being evaluated. The Minister of Labor, Employment and Youth Affairs, Rishma Kuldipsingh, recently indicated during an introductory visit to the management and staff of the institute that she wants to gain more insight into the training activities in relation to the functioning of the trade union movement in socio-economic and social processes.

The purpose of this working visit was to hear the policy vision and plans for the future. SIVIS primarily trains union executives to take on social responsibilities.

Victor Jones, director and teacher of SIVIS, appreciated the minister’s visit. He indicated that SIVIS is the education arm of the working class that, in addition to trade union-oriented training, also offers shop stewards and Human Resource Management training to both the organized and the non-organized working class.

Jones says SIVIS does not discriminate between workers. “We cut across society as a whole, every Surinamese must be given the opportunity to develop,” emphasizes the director. SIVIS delivers approximately three hundred students to society each year. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges, requiring the institute to move to virtual provision of education and training.


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