Jamaica: ‘For Once, They Remember Us’ – Twenty Years After River Swallows Road, St Thomas District Eyes Glimmer Of Hope

Glum Residents of New Monkland, a community in St Thomas’ hilly interior, have, for years, been forced to use a narrow bypass to travel from one end of the community to the other.

That’s because about 20 years ago, the rushing river some 10 feet below opened up a 60-yard chasm, completely swallowing the roadway, houses, and graves, the result of a thunderstorm that drove through the eastern end of the island, wreaking catastrophic damage in its wake.

Mauvelyn Scott, 69, remembers clearly the day the roadway was swept into the menacing river below.

“I still cannot believe what happened because nobody expected it. The whole road just disappeared, crash, into the muddy river water. All some grave wash weh gone,” the New Monkland resident said.


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