Guyana: Cessna found on Nine Miles Airstrip, three foreigners held

The GPF today said that yesterday at  about 10. 20 pm  Police from Issano, Region 7, acting on information received went to the 9 Miles Airstrip , Issano , Middle Mazaruni River where they found a Red and white 206 Cessna   suspected to be a Brazilian aircraft along with three male foreign nationals: a 38-year-old pilot, from Boa Vista, Brazil; a 29-year-old pilot from Tumeremo, Venezuela; and a 35-year-old internet technician from Manaus, Brazil were found.

They were questioned using Google Translator and information received that they were heading to Suriname with another aircraft when the said aircraft developed mechanical problems.  As a result of the observation, the pilot crashed-landed the aircraft at 9 Miles which caused one of the occupants to sustain a fractured right arm and minor bruises about his face of which he confirmed he received from the sudden impact.  Further information received, suggested that the other aircraft crashed, but same was not located.


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