Bahamas: American family apologizes for catching and eating shark amid social media outrage

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — An American family visiting in The Bahamas received widespread criticism on social media after posting photos of them fishing bull sharks in Abaco to eat.

The Fisheries Resources and Conservation Act prohibits the possession, sale, fishing for or landing of sharks or shark parts in The Bahamas.

Kansas Pitts, whose Instagram handle is ‘pittspartyofsix’, recently posted several photos of the group holding up bull sharks on a boat and out of the water.

The sharks had reportedly been caught via hook and line.

The location tagged was Nunjack Cay located in Great Abaco, a protected cove known for its abundance of sharks, stingrays, turtles and other marine life.

The caption under the post heralded the catch and expedition.

The post, however, was later removed amid social medial backlash.

“This was my first bull shark catch and it was awesome,” read post which received at least 90 likes before it was removed.


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