Jamaica: Sagicor Bank Focuses On Education Financing

Sagicor Bank recently hosted its first virtual financial enrichment seminar which featured several professionals in the education sector, as well as experienced Sagicor Bank team members, to guide parents on how best to prepare for their children’s education. The seminar’s topic was ‘Financing Your Child’s Educational Dreams’.

Speaking at the forum, Natalee Wedderburn, business development manager at Sagicor Bank, encouraged parents to start saving for their children’s education from as early as possible. She pointed out that early preparedness not only limits the stress of the financial burden but also proves beneficial for children and families in the long run.

Noting that the financing of a child’s education is an ongoing challenge for many parents, Wedderburn said: “When you start saving early, you have a longer period to accumulate a substantial deposit from compounded interest earnings. Saving is also an important habit to develop in our children as it can help them in the long run with their financial management.”


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