Jamaica: Dengue Threat Rising In St James

The density of the Aedes aegypti mosquito population in St James almost doubled in the three-month period to August, resurrecting the threat of a resurgence of dengue fever that killed dozens and infected more than 7,500 across Jamaica in 2019.

Sherika Lewis, the acting public health inspector for St James, has revealed that the parish’s mosquito Aedes index for August was 11.5 per cent, a significant jump from its record low of 6.2 per cent in May this year.

The mosquito index serves as an indicator of the geographical spread of dengue.

Lewis gave the update on Thursday while presenting the regular report from the local health board to the monthly meeting of the St James Municipal Corporation.

“Under our vector-control programme for the month of August, we have managed to inspect approximately 14,000 premises, 1,600 of which were positive for mosquito breeding,” said Lewis.

A total of 151 communities were inspected in the study, with 34 being fogged for mosquito control.


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