Jamaica: Allman Town Residents Plead For Water

Residents of Allman Town in Kingston who say they have endured frequent water shortages throughout the summer, have appealed to the National Water Commission (NWC) to repair and resume using six catchment spaces at its Marescaux Road location in the parish.

Residents pointed to recent heavy rains which could have been collected and stored there in order to supply Allman Town and neighbouring communities for close to 24 hours each day.

One woman, who said she was fed up of regularly turning on her tap and seeing no running water, was bewildered that the commission had allowed vegetation to be growing in at least one of the catchment areas.

“From I was a child, those tanks were always filled with water. Now, they are empty and trees are growing in them. I am 65 years old now. Why don’t they repair that?” she said.

The resident continued: “They keep cutting off the water and the catchments are right there. I would like to find out from the prime minister why that catchment isn’t being used.”


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