Suriname: Government has yet to take an official decision on gas exploration

The government has not yet made an official decision when it comes to gas explorations off the coast of Suriname. Agreements must still be made about gas production if the natural gas is injected back or brought ashore. Oil producer Apache Corporation and partner Total SA announced their third oil discovery off the coast of Suriname at the end of July. In addition to oil, extractable gas has also been discovered.

Suriname has yet to decide what to do with the gas, says Minister David Abiamofo of Natural Resources (NH) in conversation with Suriname Herald. “When the gas is processed, you have access to cheap energy,” says the minister.

According to him, this energy can be used to help develop various sectors such as the bauxite sector in West Suriname and many other sectors where energy is needed. Bauxite from West Suriname can be processed; cheap energy is useful, because the production of bauxite requires a lot of energy.

Abiamofo emphasizes that the intention is for the government to make a decision on this matter soon. This decision will have to determine the further development of gas production. For example, it will have to be determined if the wells off the coast have to be drilled deeper on the basis of the re-injection of the extracted gas or on the basis of the gas that is brought ashore. Apache Corporation is waiting for the necessary information on this, says the NH minister.


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