In Latest Setback For Disney, China Censors Coverage Of “Mulan” Over Xinjiang Ties

After angering all of America’s progressives, Disney’s “Mulan” has just achieved an even higher bar of censorship/acclaim: being banned – or at least censored – the PROC.

China’s professional propagandists have given the old “tap on the shoulder” to the country’s major media outlets and instructed them not to cover the release of “Mulan”, the Disney live-action remake of the classic children’s animated feature that’s drawn criticism for being culturally insensitive/an ill-conceived remake of a childhood classic/its links to “modern slavery” in Xinjiang/and now the CCP’s fears about coverage of said “slavery” controversy undermining the official narrative regarding China’s extensive network of internment camps said to have housed more than 1 million Muslim Uighers, according to Reuters.

That, of course, is a huger problem for Disney, which had bet on the big-budget remake to be a sure-fire hit in the world’s second-largest economy.

The movie is starring several big name Chinese-born actors, including Jet Li, Gong Li, Donnie Yen and Liu Yifei, the movie is based on a Chinese folk story. It was tailored to appeal to audiences in China.


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