Barbados: Unemployment payments may be extended

The time employees are expected to wait before they can seek severance payments could be further extended.

This assessment has come from Special Envoy to the Prime Minister Professor Avinash Persaud who disclosed that consideration was also being given to lengthening the unemployment payment period.

He explained that the proposed Barbados Economic and Sustainable Transformation (BEST) programme, which is being designed to get employees in the tourism sector back to work, was still being developed and if it is not ready before most of the severance payments are triggered, the change may be necessary.

He was addressing the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association’s third quarterly general meeting, held virtually on Wednesday.

“We are not looking to extend the layoff eligibility for severance, which has already been extended from 13 weeks to 22 weeks. We may amend the legislation to extend it by a week or so if there are logistical issues around getting this programme in place at the right time,” Persaud said.


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