Suriname: Biza is tackling the transition to e-passports

The Ministry of the Interior (Biza) is getting ready to introduce e-passports. Biza minister Bronto Somohardjo and his staff had a meeting yesterday with representatives of the Serbian company Vlatacom at the headquarters of the Central Bureau for Civil Affairs (CBB).

This is a contract concluded with this company by the previous Biza minister, Mike Noersalim. Previously, passports were made through the Canadian Bank Note (CBN) system. The contract with CBN was not renewed earlier this year, due to the high costs associated with each modification to the system.

CBB director Anastatia Kanapé-Pokie indicated that there are more than 100,000 passports in the safe at the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS). In consultation with the Biza minister, it has been decided that this stock will be used first, before switching to e-passports. The head of the Passport Department, Herel Bodeutsch, can also identify with this. It is important for the CBB director that citizens are guaranteed their passports.


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