Suriname: State lodge Apoera used as isolation space

The Staatslogeergebouw in Apoera is used as an isolation area. This is where COVID-19 positive individuals are housed. This is to prevent the virus from spreading further to family members and others with whom they come into daily contact. Only persons without underlying disorders and mild complaints are accommodated in this isolation room.

The number of COVID-19 positive cases in the administrative resort of Kabalebo has increased drastically in the past period. The situation is alarming and threatens to get out of hand. Until Sunday evening, the Kabalebo resort had 31 positive cases, 25 active COVID-19 cases, four people have been cured and two people from the administrative resort have died from the virus.

In the context of dealing with an outbreak, Kabalebo District Commissioner Josta Lewis has taken drastic measures. These measures were taken in consultation with the Kabalebo COVID-19 Quick Response Team (COVID-19 QRT) and on the advice of doctors associated with the Mungra Medical Center (MMC). The COVID-19 Quick response team consists of representatives from the administrative service, the MMC, the KPS, the National Army, the business community, the village authorities and the district council.


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