Jamaica: Growth & Jobs | JBDC Offers Services To Help Businesses Grow

The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) has been offering technical and other services to clients desirous of starting a business.

“So persons who have an idea to start a business come to us. Persons who are aspiring to grow their business to another level, persons who are aspiring to go into new markets or just to tweak their business model, they come to us, and we will work with them,” Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the JBDC Harold Davis said.

“We help you with your business strategy. We help you to access relevant financial products, and we help you in your financial engineering and financial re-engineering.”

He further noted that the JBDC also assists its clients with product development, process development, and marketing strategy.

“Also underpinning all of that is research. We do assist you in research as well because research provides the fundamentals for your business strategy. You need to come with a solid business concept, and even if it’s not quite solid … we will help you to structure … and give you very poignant ideas and recommendations as to work you perhaps need to do to make it a viable business proposition,” Davis said.


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