Jamaica: DNA Samples Dead End In New Yorker’s Murder, Says Cop

DNA samples taken from six persons of interest and close associates of murdered American model Desiree Gibbon have not led to the arrest or identity of the New Yorker’s killer three years after her death.

The body of Gibbon, who was staying at her grandmother’s Gibbs Chateau bed-and-breakfast facility in Mt Salem, was found by a groundsman in bushes along the Long Hill main road in St James with the throat slashed on November 25, 2017, days after she went missing.

“Intensive investigation is still being carried out in the St James Division to locate several persons who had contact with the deceased prior to her death, for the purpose of conducting interviews and the recording of statements where necessary,” Senior Superintendent of Police Michael Phipps stated in a report to The Gleaner.

Revealing that some 14 witness statements have so far been recorded, including that of the person who found the body, Phipps said that footage from closed-circuit television at Gibbs Chateau or a nearby security company has not enhanced the investigation.


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