Suriname: NVB director has been put on hold

PARAMARIBO – Guno Robertson, director at the National Transport Company (NVB), has been suspended on Friday with immediate effect. He received the notice by bailiff’s writ and had to immediately evacuate his office and hand over the management of the company to chairman of the supervisory board Fariyal Renfurm. The immediate cause is the contract adjustment he received from the previous government shortly before the elections.

The government Santokhi has enormous difficulty generous salary and other financial ë le conditions and facilities to Robertson (64) granted by former OW Minister Vijay Chotkan. In addition to a salary of USD 4,500, there are various provisions in the contract. The contract has been extended for 5 years and will end on December 10, 2025.

In order to make the new provisions possible, the employment contract that was signed with Robertson on December 10, 2018 was broken open. The new government sees the new agreement as one of the ‘stranglehold contracts’ with generous salaries and provisions that the Bouterse government has awarded to various people. Because Robertson used his own car for the service, he received a transportation allowance of USD 1,000 per month.


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