Jamaica: GREENLAND – Holness’ JLP Sweeps Away PNP 49-14

In just a decade, Andrew Holness has achieved political glory in becoming the most powerful force in modern Jamaican politics, retiring some of his rival elders while humiliatingly condemning Jamaica’s oldest political party into an abyss with its top-tier leadership decimated.

Last night, the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP’s) leader admitted that he was expecting 42 seats – the threshold needed in the House of Representatives to make key constitutional changes without opposition support – in his bid to lead the party to its first consecutive contested election win in more than half a century.

He’s got more than what he calculated as preliminary results from Thursday’s election show the JLP with 49 seats to the People’s National Party’s (PNP’s) 14.

But, while he quickly acknowledged the coronavirus pandemic that shadowed the country’s 18th general election, Holness made it clear that the “overwhelming majority” was a signal to the party not to become arrogant.


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