Dominican Republic: “Flycana continues in its plan to be the Dominican Republic’s flag line”

Given the substantial impact that Covid-19 has caused in the travel industry, airlines are the most affected ones; Loss of routes, jobs, debts, and bankruptcy are the consequences that the primary resource for tourism has faced as a result of the pandemic.

The question arises whether the aviation projects that were aired before the pandemic will continue their course, as with Flycana in the Dominican Republic. Flycana is an airline that, since 2018, its managers announced the start-up of its operation with an operational takeoff foreseen in the medium term.

Fred Jacobson, president of Flycana, clarified the doubt. He explained exclusively to that the airline is continuing to become the leading airline in the Caribbean, under the Dominican flag, and with its main headquarters in Santo Domingo.

He indicated that obviously, Covid-19 had delayed operations because the financing they were looking for could not be completed between the end of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020. He explained that he expects the start date to be in the second quarter of next year, 2021.


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