NYC School Deal Made, Gyms Reopen Today — So What’s Next? Cuomo Gave a Hint

Six months after the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported in New York City, little remains left to technically reopen — though those who live in the five boroughs have had to adjust to dramatically different ways of daily life.

Low-risk indoor activities like museums are back. School will be back, partially in person for hundreds of thousands of families, in the coming weeks — though with a slight delay after an 11th-hour deal between City Hall and the unions to thwart the first teachers’ strike in nearly five decades. Gyms return Wednesday.

What’s next for the city of over 8 million residents?

It doesn’t appear indoor dining will be the next course on the table. That does return in nearby New Jersey in less than 48 hours, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo, while acknowledging the competitive disadvantage for NYC restaurants, said this week that the five boroughs just aren’t ready yet. School may have to come first.


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