Guyana: Shuman’s election as Deputy Speaker triggers APNU+AFC walkout

Former PPP/C Minister Manzoor Nadir was yesterday declared Speaker of the 12th Parliament but it was the election of Lenox Shuman as his Deputy which triggered consternation in the opposition ranks leading APNU+AFC to boycott the proceedings that followed.

Eight months after the 11th Parliament was dissolved, the 12th Parliament was declared open at the Arthur Chung Conference  Centre at Liliendaal instead of the Public Buildings due to COVID-19 restrictions. The formalities were then conducted by parliamentary clerk Sherlock Isaacs

Prime Minister Mark Phillips then rose to nominate Nadir, who was once the leader of The United Force (TUF), as Speaker and this was seconded by Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Gail Teixeira. There were no other nominations for the post of Speaker and Nadir was therefore declared elected Speaker in the House where the PPP/C has the majority with 33 seats. Nadir is the first Speaker in the post-independence period not to be a lawyer. 


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