Dominican Republic: Ambassador of China is received by Vice President Raquel Peña at the Dominican National Palace

China’s ambassador, Zhang Run, said Wednesday that he appreciates the new Dominican government’s reaffirmation to develop normal diplomatic relations with China, and “that is our wish.”

Zhang Run visited the House of Power after President Luis Abinader said Tuesday night in an interview on CNN en Español with Camilo Egaña, that the United States is the largest commercial partner of the Dominican Republic.

The ambassador assured that China is a peaceful and respectful country.

“We develop normal relations with 180 countries of the world, China is a great builder of peace and the stable development of the world in the case of the Dominican Republic will not be an exception, it will be relations of mutual and fruitful respect,” he clarified.

The diplomat appreciated that Vice President Raquel Peña received it today, a meeting that he assures served to reaffirm the future of both countries.

He rectified that last year, bilateral trade between the Dominican Republic and China grew by 24 percent.

He assured that Dominican imports to China grew 154 percent in 2019.


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