Barbados: Warder back to work after being suspended by Prison Superintendent

A decision by prison boss Lieutenant Colonel John Nurse to suspend one of his officers for talking to the Press has been deemed an unwarranted act by the constitutionally-established agency responsible for discipline and appointments of the security forces.

As a result, the entity – the Protective Services Commission (PSC) – has overturned the suspension of prison officer Adrian King.

In a letter dated August 26, 2020, a copy of which has been obtained by Barbados TODAY, Acting Superintendent of Prisons DeCarlo Payne informed King that his duties resume on August 21, 2020.

When contacted this afternoon, Payne explained that the letter was dated August 26 to let the prison officer know he could return to work five days prior.

“We were trying to reach him between that window you see there. We got hold of him around the 25th, which was the Tuesday and I interviewed him on the 26th…and I actually gave an instruction that he would have to report for duty in his uniform. But we were trying to reach him from around the 20th. But in fact, he should have been back to work on the 21st. That is the reason why the letter would have been dated the 26th telling that his duties would resume from the 21st,” explained the acting prison head who is sitting in for Nurse who is on vacation.


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