Bahamas: Lockdowns are necessary, but bankrupting small businesses – says Long Islander

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A Long Island businessman said yesterday that his business has declined as much as 55 percent during the COVID-19 lockdowns, telling Eyewitness News that while lockdowns were necessary they were bankrupting small businesses “one lockdown at a time”.

Mario Cartwright said the situation was particularly grim in the scarcely populated family islands, noting that Long Island had effectively not seen any “new money” in five months.

With health officials reporting the island’s first case of COVID-19 on Monday, Cartwright said most islanders had accepted that it was “only a matter of time” before the island recorded a COVID-19 case.

“I think people for the most part have been following social distancing rules etc. I think most people realize it was just a matter of time. How it got here no one really knows for sure but it’s here now. I don’t think anyone is overly alarmed. We will continue to follow the protocols. I don’t think anyone is panicking at this stage. I think people are being cautious,” said Cartwright.


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