These companies are helping working parents navigate an impossible situation

After having three kids in a span of 18 months, Susannah Bradley had chosen to take a step back in her career and only work part time. When her twins started kindergarten last year, it seemed like the right time for her to jump into a full-time role again, so she accepted a job at a major tech company in Seattle. “I was thrilled about that because it felt like I made this seamless transition right back to where I wanted to be,” she says. “But then COVID happened, and the schools closed, and I was suddenly managing Zoom calls for three kids.”

Bradley found herself in a bind familiar to working parents all over the country. Her employer gave her the option of flexible hours, but that meant she would have to work an eight-hour shift after a full day of tending to her children’s remote learning needs. She quickly realized that wasn’t sustainable, coupled with the constraints of her husband’s demanding schedule. “My husband and I had agreed on this arrangement where I would be the primary parent,” she says. “Before COVID, his job involved a ton of international travel. But now he’s just on conference calls from six in the morning until 6 p.m. at the earliest. It just wasn’t possible for him to jump in and help with the remote learning, so it was all falling on me, and I essentially had two full-time jobs.”


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