Bahamas: Hurricane Dorian: Barri and the Six

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – It’s been one year since Grand Bahama and Abaco residents faced the merciless beating of Hurricane Dorian.

For hundreds, their lives continue to languish in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic and an economic crisis.

But their memories of the horrific three days, battling 200mph winds and a storm surge of 23 feet, remain fresh.

For Barronette Thomas, a resident of McLean’s Town, Grand Bahama, the loss was paramount and the tragedy still haunts her to date.

The monstrous Category 5 storm stalled over Grand Bahama for two days, ravaging residents of East End.

On the day the storm hit, Thomas’ home had been compromised.

She, along with her husband Captain Phillip Thomas Jr, and three children, Mateo, Tidal and Ramielle sought refuge in a boat.

But a tidal surge emerged and the boat capsized.


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