Suriname: Suriname must itself assign a role to the diaspora community

It is important that the Surinamese government succeeds in significantly improving the business climate. According to the Dutch Minister Sigrid Kaag of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, this will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the mutual trade and investment flows between the two countries.

The minister responded to questions from Arne Weverling (VVD) about trade relations with Suriname. According to Kaag, the European Commission has commissioned an evaluation study of the impact of the Cariforum-EU Economic Partnership Agreementof the past decade. The report on this will be published shortly. Partly on the basis of the findings of this evaluation, the Dutch cabinet will determine its commitment to the agreement prior to the fifth meeting of the Joint Cariforum-EU Council , which is scheduled for the end of this year. The European Union is a sales market with a lot of potential for Suriname.

Suriname is not part of the focus areas financed from the budget for development cooperation. Minister Kaag says that it can be examined whether there are possibilities in the field of improving legislation and regulations and knowledge transfer aimed at strengthening economic and trade institutions. This could improve the conditions for a favorable Surinam-Dutch trade relationship. The regular trade-promoting instruments are available to entrepreneurs for activities and projects in Suriname. This has been used sporadically in recent years.

Kaag agrees with Wevering that the shared language and the diaspora community provide a good starting position to work on strengthening trade relations with Suriname. But according to her it is ultimately up to the Surinamese government and / or the diaspora community to decide what role the community will have in Suriname’s economic development.


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