Jamaica: Mrs Holness, ‘Yuh Can Come Back And Say Thanks’ – Residents Of Forgotten Community Plead For Better Roads

Residents of Somerset district in St Andrew East Rural said, in mid-August, that the last time they saw their member of parliament, Juliet Holness, was during her campaign for the seat in the 2016 general election.

From deplorable roads to no electricity, complaints are mounting in the hillside district.

Though they are constituents of St Andrew East Rural, the residents are forced to get to their community by traversing ramshackle roads in St Thomas, along rough terrain more akin to tracks, as access via public transportation is virtually impossible.

As Marleshia Richards and Carlton Lindsay worked on a house, they both underscored that poor representation has been a years-long lament for residents who live, proverbially, behind God’s back.

“If a 120 of we up here, we count, because they come for the votes. Our councillor is not far away, and we hardly see her. We should get more attention. Reason why: remember, this is Juliet Holness’ constituency, and she is the prime minister wife. I don’t think they doing that in Bull Bay or those other areas that have 500 or 1,000,” Richards said.


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