US: FBI And Tesla Thwart $4 Million Bitcoin Ransomware Plot

The FBI have arrested one of the conspirators in a planned ransomware attack against electric car maker Tesla.

A young Russian citizen and his co-conspirators came within an inch of carrying out a major ransomware attack against Tesla – unaware that their target had already turned them in.

Last week, the United States Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) unsealed a criminal complaint against a conspirator in a thwarted ransomware plot against the electric car maker Tesla.

On Aug. 22, the Bureau arrested 27 year-old Russian citizen Pavel Kriuchkov in Los Angeles, who had allegedly spent much of his month in the U.S. attempting to recruit a Tesla staffer at the firm’s Gigafactory Nevada site to collude on a nefarious “special project.”

That “special project” came with a lucrative incentive — a bribe of $500,000, later upped to $1 million. A small advance payment was to have been paid into the staffer’s Bitcoin (BTC) wallet, installed using a Tor browser to evade detection.


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