Trinidad & Tobago: MoE announces measures for distance learning in new term

A slew of measures has been announced to keep students educationally engaged as distance learning is implemented due to COVID-19. 

In a media conference this morning, Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby Dolly explained that the government is set to use all media available to ensure that no student is left behind. 

“The Ministry has secured the use of channels 4 and 16 and so on this channel, during September 1 to 4, will run useful resource material and programmes that deal with student orientation, adapting to the new normal and a schedule will be published so that parents and students will know what can be accessed. 

Dr Gadsby Dolly also revealed that 65,000 students may not have proper access to online learning due to either connectivity or lack of devices. She said that while the government will be doing its part to reach these students, they’re hoping that corporate Trinidad and Tobago can come together to assist the students in need.

“There will be two categories of students; one – students who are available on the online environments and two – students who are not available on the online environment,” she explained. 


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