Suriname: ‘Fuel discount for farmers must be part of support package’

ARAMARIBO – The Association of Exporters of Agricultural Products in Suriname (VEAPS) proposes that the announced ‘fuel discount’ to the agricultural sector be included in a total support package. Secretary Swami Girdhari explains to Ware Tijd that it must be a coherent package of measures to reduce production costs for the sector.

He responds to the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries that the agricultural sector does not have to pay the new government take in the fuel price. To this end, it was decided to prevent the sector from deteriorating. In line with this, it has been decided to implement an extra discount of SRD 0.50 per liter to further stimulate the industry.

Although the VEAPS welcomes this in itself, it lacks clear information about its implementation and operation. According to Girdhari, since the announcement of the discount, the organization has been receiving a number of phone calls during the weekend from people in the sector who are wondering how or what, because communication from the LVV ministry has not yet been communicated.


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