Jamaica: Golding Touts PNP’s Housing Plan For Jamaicans

Opposition Spokesperson on Finance Mark Golding has indicated that informal workers will get their best shot at home ownership under a People’s National Party (PNP) administration. 

The PNP will target building 130,000 houses in five years under its rent-to-own scheme.

But, Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke charged that the PNP cannot deliver on the promise.  

“We feel it is important for our teachers, our security guards, our farmers, our nurses, our entertainment practitioners and so on to have a new way of accessing home ownership,” said Golding in outlining a key aspect of the PNP’s manifesto. 

Both politicians were addressing various points of contention at the Jamaica National Debates 2020 on finance and the economy on Thursday night.  

“For many people, it is a pipe dream. The rent-to-own scheme is an innovation to make [home ownership] more accessible,” said Golding.


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